About Us

Irish Arms started life in 1996 as a hobby business after we both discovered the fun and educational aspects of re-enactment and living history here in Ireland, then just a fledgling idea with a few mad enthusiasts.

Both of us have had a lifelong interest in history, and have always made things that interested us. We have complementary skills in archery and professional riding and training.

Our business has since expanded to encompass all areas of Irish and worldwide historical reproduction for museums, heritage centres, re-enactors, film and TV production companies and history enthusiasts.

We make or source period artifacts, utensils, weapons, armour, clothing, etc. We also provide a Living History demonstration service which encompasses all the aspects of daily life in every era from the Bronze Age through the 18th century. We use the tools, skills, animals, foods and dress of each time period to help create the feeling of really "being there".
Our research is meticulous and we work closely with museums and experts to use original source materials wherever possible. Travel to other countries, museums and events certainly broadens our historical horizons, but is also a great deal of fun!

Boyd Rankin & Lynne Williams

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