Film & TV

Irish Arms has been providing a wide variety of professional services to the TV & film industry since 1996. From costume, armoury and prop hire to full design, build and on-set crew, no production is too large – or too small.

Historical Film Design

We carry a comprehensive stock of costume, weaponry, props and set dressing from every period of history and can design and create in-house for both principle actors and background characters. You can be assured of historical accuracy, meticulous attention to detail and superlative workmanship, all produced within budget and on time.

Irish Arms credits on major productions:

  • Production design
  • Costume design
  • Armourer
  • Horse master
  • Reconstructions
  • Historical advisor
  • Front-of-camera interviewees



We provide:

  • Design & build: costume, weapons, props
  • Blackpowder firearms, including cannon & inert weapons
  • Longbow & crossbow archery
  • Edged weapons
  • Historically appropriate domestic animals
  • Riders to international competition standard, including jousters
  • Falconers
  • Historic music and instruments
  • Skilled craftsmen & background



Recent work:

“ Cromwell in Ireland: God’s Executioner” Tile Films, 2008 *IFTA Winner Best Documentary.


“The Battle of the Boyne” audio visual, Agtel, 2008 *multiple award winner


“In the Blood: the Story of the Irish Thoroughbred” Mint Productions, 2008


“Death or Canada: Fleeing the Famine” Tile Films, 2008 *IFTA nominee


“The Flight of the Earls” BBC NI, 2007 *IFTA nominee


“Flight of the Earls” Midas Productions, 2007



Other credits:

Audio visual series for Northern Ireland Museums:

“The Bronze Age”

“The Ghost of Alexander Colville”


“ Carrickfergus Castle”

“ Dunluce Castle”

“Pocket History” series 1 & 2

“ King Arthur”

“ Mary Queen of Scots”

“Great British Battles: Battle of the Boyne”

“The Abduction Club”

“The Battle of Kinsale”

“Warrior Women”

“ Ella Enchanted”

“Reign of Fire”

“ Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” *BAFTA winner


“Conquering the Normans”

“Legends of the Isles”